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Dear reader, welcome to my new website dedicated to the manufacture of fine quality Colt Paterson accessories .

My interest in Colt firearms dates back to my childhood in the early 1960's and by the early 1970's I started collecting in earnest with the acquisition of an 1849 pocket revolver. So started a life long interest in Samuel Colt, his revolver and in fact anything Colt.

Over the years, I have inevitably been drawn to the Paterson era, that brief period between 1836-1842 when Sam Colt manufactured his first firearms. Collecting of the Paterson arms and their accessories is regarded as the 'jewel in the crown' of Colt collecting. This short period of production at the Paterson factory and comparitively low quantity of arms and accessories produced leads to great rarity and high value. For example, a number 5 pistol in reasonable condition would cost in the region $40,000 and the same pistol cased with all accessories upwards of $150,000. They are therefore beyond the financial resources of most collectors like myself.

Colt Blackpowder Reproduction of the Paterson Revolver shown with our accessories

So it is with pleasure I bring to you a range of high quality replica Paterson accessories to equal the current replica revolvers, indeed I feel confident that, if only as a 'stop gap', you would be happy to place any one of these items in an original set. I launch this site with the introduction of the pistol capper and in a variety of finishes. Accessories, such as the powder flask, bullet mould, cleaning rod and cases will be added in due course.

In creating these accessories, as was the case with the originals, a high degree of hand finishing and assembly is required to achieve such high quality, this unavoidably raises their price, however I feel the price you pay will be more than reflected in the quality of the item. I am sure you will admire the craftmanship in producing these accessories as I do the craftmanship of those who produced the originals. I hope you enjoy the following pages.


In producing these accessories no attempt was made to copy an original 100%, thereby creating a fake. However we have used a cross section of originals to produce a true representation from the period. It is our policy to continually improve our products to enhance their appearance and finish, and to become collectable themselves in time.

Steven Glover
Paterson Accessories Company